Jordan took up the challenge of selling our home at fair market price, at a time when most realtors were seeking a quick sale/flip, regardless of it’s true market value. Most agents wanted us to list our home based on prices fetched by other area homes that had no semblance to the home we were selling. Our home had a large lot, triple garage, pool and a degree of separation from other area homes, but other agents felt we should be dictated to by the sale of smaller area homes on small lots with 1 or 2 garage bays and no pool. Our home was also light years ahead of the so called comparables in cleanliness and neatness. When I would point out comparables on a new street at the end of the concession, other agents scoffed and refused to consider them in the equation.
Jordan was able to think and act outside the box and get our home sold where others had failed. In the end, we sold at approximately $150,000 more than what the other agents said we would get and at a price much more fitting to what our home deserved.
Jordan worked hard, advertised in areas that would be interested in our location and property, was prepared to go the distance, was not seeking a low ball “quick flip” and he got the job done. Good work Jordan!!

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