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Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Jordan’s blog.

As a real estate agent, I work hand-in-hand with private lenders and mortgage brokers and today we will be discussing a vital importance to home ownership and your financial knowledge in general.

If you own your own home you are probably well familiar with paying off your mortgage, but what do you know about a second mortgage?

A second mortgage is a mortgage you can take out after your first mortgage. There are many benefits to a second mortgage, although it is important to keep in mind the fact you potentially may have a higher interest rate than you did with mortgage number one.

So how does this work?

Your home has value and over time it can gain that value as a property asset. The equity of your property can also rise over time due to home renovations or neighborhood improvements to the surrounding areas. A second mortgage allows a homeowner to borrow large funds from this equity, while using their home as collateral.

Understanding second mortgage interest rates is not something every citizen has an easy time with. Meanwhile, finding quality second mortgage rates can be tricky and time wasting, especially if you do not do the proper research within Ontario or any other provinces within Canada.

An important thing to keep in mind is your rate will depend a lot on your credit checks and financial history, as well as if you are paying off your first loan properly or may be behind on payments. As well, rates will vary between banks and private financial institutions.

Obtaining a second mortgage in Ontario is something Canadian homeowners are taking advantage of all the time. Now keep in mind, a second mortgage is a loan you take out after your first mortgage. You must be prepared to pay off your loans because lacking to do so could potentially lead to your property being taken away as collateral. Now although this may seem stressful at first with the right professional this can be easy and extremely beneficial to your life if you are ready to take on a second mortgage.

Once obtained these finances can be used to pay off debt or make that dream purchase you and your family have always wanted.

If you are looking for more information, feel free to reach out and contact your local private lender or mortgage broker.

Make sure to check in for the next blog, as we will continue to discuss mortgages and try to further our education when it comes to real estate and real estate related topics!

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